Thank you Purple Tinker

This weekend Purple Tinker raised over $2000 for JersVision. We never asked her to this, and only found out about it this morning when we got this very generous donation. Her donation will be used to run programming in 20 schools to educated about homophobia & transphobia. 

This evening we got a chance to ask her why she ran the fundraiser. Here is her response:

“I did so because what your group did is necessary. I am a trans woman, and I spent virtually every school day of my childhood being called “faggot” (not to mention other insults like “nerd”, “stupid”, “retard”, etc.). To this day, people call me “tranny” and “faggot” simply to push my buttons, and even otherwise intelligent people– even people who would recoil at the use of, for instance, racial slurs, seem to think that “tranny” and “faggot” are somehow okay.

I dream of a day when no one will consider it acceptable to mock people for being gay or transgendered, and where anti-LGBT slur words are taken just as seriously as racist slur words are.”