Team Education Visits Ottawa University

On Friday November 6th, Cameron from Team Education went to Ottawa University to act as a Guest Lecturer  for Dr. Liam Kilmurray’s SOC1105C  class, Social Conflict, Social Activism and Social Change. The presentation was based on the history of sexual activism in North America and began by focusing on the ongoing impacts of colonialism and understanding how social supremacists are created and upheld. Moving forward, the lecture went over 20th century Queer history in North America and the importance of Stonewall as a visible act of resistance and a catalyst for groups to organize in a more assertive fashion. Moving into the 70s, groups started organizing as Gay and Lesbian Liberation Movements  to create social and legal change, although in North America these organizations were short-lived and succeeded by more conservative initiatives, but managed to create meaningful change.Cameron had a great time presenting to a group of his peers, even if they attend Ottawa University, and would like to thank Dr. Kilmurray for the opportunity and Ursula for her assistance in preparing the technology.