Team Education Visits JH Putman

Wednesday September 30th was an early start for Team Education, as Cameron and Rhube started presenting to the students of JH Putman at 8:30am. It was a full day of workshops, as the team presented 4 Junior GRIS workshops to the grade 7 classes and 1 Exploring our Identities for the Diversity Club. We were very impressed with the students level of knowledge and the fact they are the first group to ask for our pronouns, after our introduction, without needing an explanation. When talking about discrimination, relevant issues and examples that were brought up by students include the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women, the Bechdel Test, and micro-aggression’s in school.

This marks the fourth year CCGSD has been working with JH Putman and we would like to thank Meggan for coordinating with us.