Team Education Visits Goulbourn M.S.

On January 5th and 8th, Team Education visited Goulbourn M.S. to deliver a total of 10 Junior GRIS workshops and 1 Trans 101 training for the Staff of the school. Cameron, Mylène and Rhube ventured early in the morning, particularly on Friday, to Goulbourn to work with the amazing and intuitive students of this school and left tired, yet surprisingly energized. Conversations included touching upon the Bechdel test, Biphobia and erasure, stereotypes of Queer folk in media, and the erasure of Trans folk from the media. We would like to thank Tricia Eddy for all her help in organizing the presentations and having us back to present at Goulbourn, which we have now visited 3 times during the 2015-2016 school year and have worked with over 300 students and staff.