Team Education Visits Glebe

Cameron, Rhube, and our co-op student Charlie headed to Glebe H.S. to present a GRIS workshop for Emily Grants grade 9 Phys. Ed. class on October 28th. The group asked several questions about deconstructing gender and sexuality and we would like the thank the school Librarian for her help in listing off all media with queer content available to students. Working towards an inclusive school is a multi-layered process that involves teaching inclusive curricula and having diverse media available for students consumption. We made sure to go over basic Trans allyship with the students, mentioned queer history in Canada and worked to solidify the distinction between gender and sex.  Charlie also spoke about running the Rainbow Alliance at Glebe and the different types of programming that they have worked so hard to make available to students. This was our second visit of the year to Glebe and in November, we will have at least two more visits involving another GRIS workshop and our new Queer History workshop.