Team Education Updates

Wondering what Team Education has been up to? On Tuesday we were happy to present at our first Elementary School, A. Lorne Cassidy! We spoke to a group of grades six, seven, and eight. The workshop was so amazing and positive, these kids really are the future. 

We originally presented the acronym LGBTQ2+ to them, but the students quickly began to ask us about asexuality and demisexuality and we ended up expanding to our secondary school level acronym — LGGBTTQQIA2P+ with no issues. The group asked us a lot of questions that sincerely reflected their innocence. Questions such as: where does intolerane and hatred come from? Why do people think homosexuals are deviants? How come queer and trans kids get kicked out of their homes at such an alarming rate? One student even asked us what the percentage of LGBTQ2+ homelessness is (25-40%).

On Wednesday, Tarah was at Canterbury High School with our volunteers Tianna and Bryan to speak to some grade nine and ten P.E classes for girls about gender and sexuality. The girls were very chatty, which was excellent. We had a very positive dialogue about feminism and how that relates back to queer and trans women. Many of the students wanted to know why all of their queer girl friends were told that they were being dishonest about their identity. In another one of our workshops we were able to have a rich conversation about the history of colonialism and deconstructing gender norms. 

Last week was very exciting and positive for Team Education! It was a pleasure to give workshops at A. Lorne Cassidy Elementary School and Canterbury High School. 

Don’t forget, you too can book Team Education workshops for your classroom. Shoot us an email, or give us a phone call. Additionally, education workshops are free so we always welcome donations. To donate, just follow the hyperlink!

Tarah Douillon

Educational Programming Coordinator