Team Education Update for the New School Year!

The new school year is underway which means Team Education is hitting the streets! We kicked off the new semester at Glebe Collegiate Institute presenting a series of GRIS workshops for their new co-op students. Following the students lead, Blue and Mylène discussed what it means to be a minority in the workplace, what to do if you believe you are experiencing discrimination, and how to promote cooperation and tolerance when interacting with peers and coworkers. The topics were heavy but the students were ready to handle them, and we have great expectations for their upcoming entrance into the workforce!

On September 23rd, Mylène and Kai visited Richard Pfaff to present a GRIS workshop and answer whatever questions students have about living, loving, and being LGBTQ+!
Later that night, Blue and Mylène visited the Improv Embassy to school their instructors on inclusion and anti-oppression! The staff were very attentive and engaged and we had a great time working with them and taking goofy group pictures. It’s so heartening to see arts organizations taking the initiative to make their projects inclusive for all the diverse folks who might want to be part of them!