Team Education: June Summary

On June 2nd, Cameron drove outside of Ottawa into Quebec to present a two-hour Anti-Oppression training session, focusing on understanding intersectionality and allyship, to the RRR collective week-long retreat. He would like to thank Lukayo for scheduling the workshop and the RRR members who attended for their continued commitment towards implementing Anti-Oppression theory and practices. The following day, Cameron was joined by Mylène at A.Y. Jackson Highschool, where they presented the final three Queer History workshops of the year, to Grade 10-11 students. Discussion topics included analyzing the ongoing impact of colonialism in discussions around gender and sexual diversity and the *Canadian War on Queers*. We would like to thank Kathleen for inviting us back to present and for being one of the first two teachers to book our revamped Queer History workshop in the fall.

After a restful weekend, Cameron and Mylène headed to Stonecrest Elementary to present a Junior GRIS and Diverse Families workshop for the majority of the day. They had a great time working with the students to deconstruct gender roles and to build acceptance towards their folk who may deviate from these constricting norms. Bringing the month to a close, Cameron and Mylène traveled to Queen Elizabeth P.S. to present 4 streamlined Junior GRIS workshops as part of their Health and Wellness Day. They were fortunate enough to make several new contacts over lunch and to have four uniquely critical groups of students over the course of the day. June ushers in the end of the school year for Team Education, although we will continue over July-August to present training sessions for community partners such as YSB and Ottawa University.

We would like to thank all of our community partners and allies within schools who enabled the success of Team Education to dismantle cis-heteropatriarchy throughout this school year. Team Education would also like to thank Rhube Knox for their dedication towards providing a quality, reflexive, non-confrontational yet assertive approach towards education from August 2015-May 2016. We wish him the best as he continues to pursue his career as a Hairstylist and thank him for his work as an Educator with CCGSD.