Team Education throughout April

April is a busy month here at CCGSD and Team Education managed to visit Adrienne Clarkson, Hopewell, Pfaff Alternative, and South Carleton High School amidst the chaos. Cameron and Rayne managed to present one final workshop for Jackie at Pfaff on April 1st, no joke, and they had a great time, with the presentation focusing on understanding heteronormativity within society. The week of the Day of Pink, Rhube managed to present several Junior GRIS workshops at Adrienne Clarckson, which worked to introduce students to themes present within Anti-Oppression theory and challenges them to use concepts when critically examining media. Finally, Rhube presented the final of several Junior GRIS workshops at Hopewell and headed out with Zac to South Carleton, for a day of GRIS workshops.

Team Education would like to thank all of their volunteers this month and more updates will be forthcoming!