Team Education: Spring Highlights

Spring is always a busy time of year for Team Education! We were so happy to take part in several Diversity Weeks, Day of Pink and IDAHOT festivities, and Rainbow Forums across Ontario in Ottawa, Bowmanville, Barry’s Bay, Guelph, and Toronto!

Throughout April, Team Education was in schools and workplaces nearly everyday running anti-bullying and discrimination workshops.   The amount of workshops made it clear just how important the International Day of Pink is at raising awareness and reminding folks that there is still quite a bit of work to do to combat homophobia and transphobia.  It is always powerful seeing an entire school stand together against bullying!

Since I’m a huge science geek, my highlight was definitely getting to participate in OCDSB’s High School Science PD Day in April.  The one thing that really stood out when I joined Team Education was that many people justify their prejudices using “science.”  Common things that I hear are people denying the validity of trans people because of biological essentialism, saying homosexuality isn’t evolutionarily favoured because “you need a sperm and an egg!”, or completely ignoring the existence of intersex folks (and subsequently anyone outside of the gender binary) because “there are only 2 types of people… it’s science!”  It became blatantly obvious that scientists, science educators, and science journalists need to do better at educating the general population (without even getting into why people need to logically reason why a human deserves respect).  In my workshop, Science vs Gender, I argued that gender and sex are the only area in science where cultural bias is so deeply ingrained that the vast majority actively denies scientific evidence in favor of ignorance