Team Education November Update

November was a big month for Team Education! I had the chance to visit 8 different schools and participate in the Rainbow Youth Forum!

Participating in the Rainbow Youth Forum was such an enriching experience! I had the opportunity to present our new workshop, Talking Pan/Bi and Other Sexual workshop, which explores sexualities beyond gay and lesbian. The participants were very passionate and engaged during the presentation and we got to hear a lot about people’s own experiences.

I also had the chance to present a multitude of workshops at schools in the Ottawa region. From Healthier Relationships and Consent workshop at J.H. Putman in the west end, to the Junior Gris workshop at Emily Carr in the east end, every school, teacher, and student was welcoming and ready to learn! I was especially touched to receive a letter from a student from Richard Pfaff that said “We loved hearing your personal stories and learning more and the LGBTQ+ community. The information you shared with us was interesting and informative!”

2016 is almost over and Team Education is very excited to see what the New Year has in store!