Team Education: May 2nd-13th

At the beginning of the month, Cameron and Mylene headed to Guelph to help host and present programming at the DTSO: Rainbow Coalition Conference, which is a partnership between UGDSB and several community organizations. Team Education started the conference by introducing Rae Spoon, a long-time supporter of CCGSD, and listening to some of their insightful short stories and music surrounding their strict upbringing. During the conference, Cameron and Mylene presented an educator training workshop, which highlighted the role that teachers need to play within their classrooms and school communities to foster inclusion and problem solving conflict from either parents, administration, or other key stakeholders. WP_20160505_10_02_46_Pro (1)In the afternoon, Team Education debuted our revamped Globally Queer workshop, which seeks to outline the role of colonialism in structuring the gender binary on a global scale and the status of queer rights across key global regions. They had a great time and would like to thank the organizers for their hard work and the students for their inventive questions.

On Monday May 9th, Blue and Rhube presented a Trans 101 workshop to the Rainbow Youth Forum planning committee and worked to highlight differences in terminology and the need for strong organizational allyship. As a member of this committee, we were thrilled to have been able to provide education surrounding the inclusion of transgender and gender non-confirming folks.


While running the GSA Forum, Cameron was able to leave the Glendon Campus on May 11th to present a Queer History workshop to the spectrum club at Bloor Collegiate. It was an eventful presentation, that consisted of one teacher ally and a classroom full of interested youth. Team Education is always thrilled when an opportunity for education presents itself, outside of the Ottawa Valley.

Finally, on Friday May 13th Blue and Holly presented three Junior GRIS workshops at the J.H. Putman Creating Change Wellness Day. They had a great day and were absolutely impressed by the knowledge and critical thinking skills of the students at this school. We would like to thank Wena Doig for continuing to include us as a regular fixture at J.H. Putman and as an annual presenter at their Wellness Day.

We would like to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work during the beginning of May, because without their help many of these workshops would not have been possible.