Team Education: March 9th-11th

Following last weeks hectic pace, Team Education completed two days of programming at Hopewell Elementary from March 9th-1th and began our relationship with Greely P.S. on March 10th. Rhube headed back to Hopewell with the help of Blue and Nicole, and they maintained a collective front to answer questions in an age appropriate manner surrounding: gender roles, homophobia, heteronormativity, and cissexism. It was an action-packed series of workshops and Rhube will return in the coming weeks to deliver two workshops to the remaining classes. Moving onto Friday, Cameron and Mylene drove over to Greely P.S. and met with Lisa Allen, our teacher contact at the school. We had the unique opportunity to combine our Junior and High School GRIS workshops to present ninety minutes of programming to a grade six class. We had a great time and talked about whitewashing within the media and the Bechdel test, before tackling a larger conversation about homophobia and transphobia in schools and at home. We would like to thank the administration and teachers at both schools for welcoming Team Education into their communities and classrooms.