Team Education: March 2nd-3rd

The beginning of March was action-packed for Team Education and in one week, we managed to present over 3 different DSC05603workshops to three schools! Before all the excitement began, Cameron and Nicky headed to Ottawa University on Monday February 29th to partake in their Pride Week info fair. We had a great time networking with students, handing out buttons, and perusing the selection of zines and pins!  On Wednesday March 2nd, Cameron and Kate, our fabulous co-op student, headed to Ridgemont high school to present two GRIS workshops. This was Kate’s first workshop and she did an amazing job facilitating conversation around homophobia, bi-phobia, and intersections of homophobia and sexism. Our team had a great time presenting and after lunch, Cameron lead a Trans 101 which involved deconstructing the gender binary, discussing lasting impacts of colonialism, trans activism, and allyship tips. Over lunch, Mylene drove from the CCGSD office to Pierre Savard H.S. to lead a workshop on facilitating Pride or GSA clubs, which was a great success! When running a GSA, it is crucial to remember that programming should come secondary, because the club should primarily exist as a safe-space for dialogue, free from other expectations. While all of this was happening, from March 2nd-3rd Team Education (consisting of Rhube, Nicole, and Blue) headed to Hopewell to present a series of Junior GRIS workshops. They had a great time leading workshops that work to deconstruct gender through an interactive round of word association and a culminating activity that challenges students to create and present their own family dynamics. Overall, we had a very busy week and would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of our staff and volunteers who made this week possible.