Team Education in Mattawa

On Thursday February 4th, team educators Jessica and Blue headed out to the rural county of Mattawa to teach a series of workshops on LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion as part of the Mattawa School Conference, which took place the next day.  After watching a very impressive magic show, along with the rest of the student body, we got down to work. The workshops explored the identities of the LGBTQ+ acronym, our personal experiences as queer individuals, and how to be more respectful and inclusive of all students within their school. The students were bright, engaged, and left us extremely impressed with their intelligence and willingness to learn. We felt welcomed in Mattawa High School, where all around us we saw teachers and students alike working passionately to improve their school and their community. We left feeling inspired by the dedication of the teachers to their students, and the openness of the students to the diversity that exists within their school and the world. We are extremely grateful to have been invited into this lovely community, and hope that we can work in conjunction with them in the future.