Team Education in July

The Summer months are typically the off-season for Team Education, but Cameron and Mylène managed to schedule several presentations with the Youth Services Bureau and John McCrae Secondary School.
On Thursday July 7th, Cameron and Mylène traveled to the YSB offices and facilitated an Anti-Oppression workshop with various youth engagement committees. The 2 hour workshop focused on using Lukayos diagrams for the Taking Tree to understand how racism, cis-heteropatriarchy, abelism, and other systems of oppression are linked together. The second portion of the presentation focused on liberation strategies ranging from disability justice to emotional justice and encouraged participants to incorporate a variety of strategies in their activism and self-education.
From July 14-15, a group of CCGSD staff members comprising of Jeremy, Mylène, Hannah Collins, and Will, presented a series of Beyond Voting Workshops which worked to encourage youth to examine their civic and political engagement. To begin, students delved into the differences between equal, equitable, and liberatory models of society, before discussing relevant social issues within their schools and communities and with the facilitators, explored liberation strategies to tackle these systems of oppression. The workshop focused on direct action, formal request, and legal action, through the facilitators providing examples from social justice theory and their lived experiences as activists. Over the span of two days, Team Education was able to reach over 200 youth and facilitate dialogue around Allyship and becoming agents of social change. We would like to thank all of the community partners that reached out to us during the month of July and we are still available to create specialized workshops or presentations for the rest of the summer.