Team Education and December

December was a very busy month for Team Education and we were able to present workshops at Ridgemont High School, the Ottawa Technical School, A-Y Jackson High School, and Gloucester High School. Unfortunately, because of a series of glitter-related injuries, we were a tad forgetful in documenting our adventures educating students in the Ottawa Valley about Gender and Sexuality. We presented several GRIS workshops that aimed at exposing students to relevant issues facing the Queer community, and at A-Y Jackson Cameron presented our Queer History workshop that aims to unveil over a century of Queer history and oppression in North America. Aside from presenting workshops, Team Education also worked to liaise with Ottawa University, the Ottawa branch of ETFO, and the Compass Centre for Directed Learning to organize workshops for the 2016 year. We would also like to welcome the newest member of Team Education, Mylène Côté, who will work to improve our Francophone educational programming.