Trans Day of Remembrance 2017

Hey beautiful people,

I have the privilege as one of the heads of Team Education to remember every day the incredible and beautiful resilience of the trans people all around me. Every day, I meet youth in the Ottawa region who are discovering who they are, and it’s always a gift to see these young people in bloom. But it’s a double-edged sword, because for every one I get to see for just a moment, I know there are others who are struggling. Who are finding it difficult to put down roots or to grow.

As a trans person and as an educator, TDOR is so important to me. Acknowledging the lives of every person we have lost to transphobic violence–and the many lives whose names are not known to Twitter, to Facebook, to the blogosphere–is so important. I want to encourage you, all of us, to do this work. And part of that work is amplifying the voices of those transcestors who came before me, those trans women of colour who so disproportionately populate this list of lost souls.

If you are not trans, I want to strongly encourage you to take a moment to read every single name on this list. Say it out loud to yourself. They deserve that, at least. To have their names known. And do the work. Find a vigil tonight–they’re happening all over. Go, and listen to those trans femmes in the community who are doing the ground work, the emotional heavy-lifting, to mourn our dead and look to the future.

And if you are trans, I want you to find hope in these words from kiki nicole’s “litany in which you are still here” :

yea tho you walk
	yea tho you rise
& this, 
is a form of resurrection 
       you are
& you are not afraid

To those we have lost, rest in power.
To those who have survived, may you live to thrive.