Taking action and speaking out against HIV Stigma

Like many in our community, upon seeing this ad (above) we were concerned about the message of HIV Stigma that the ad convey.

As an organization, we work to address oppression of all kinds.  In fact recently, the team at CCGSD participated in the ‘We are all clean campaign’, and continue to educate schools, communities, government and police services about HIV Stigma—and what we can do to change our attitudes.

Following seeing this ad, we at JersVision.org reached out to Ottawa Public Health to understand more about this campaign, how we could change this campaign and how we could make future messages better.

Following a detailed conversation, we learned:
  • The campaign was created 3 years ago
  • It was designed from start to finish by youth in our community
  • An approval committee that included youth from local organizations approved this ad and others
  • The concern about HIV Stigma was brought to the  youth by Ottawa Public Health, but the concerns were dismissed.
Following our conversation, we are happy to confirm that the ad has been pulled and we are working with public health to create an advisory committee that would meet to discuss future campaigns. Once details about this initiative come to fruition we will share.

Thank you for everyone who emailed us, responded on twitter & spoke up. Addressing HIV Stigma is about working together everyday–so let’s keep it up!

Though collaboration, we can work together to create a stronger community.

Stop by our office for a FREE ‘I stop HIV Stigma’ button or orders yours online at cost.

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