Take action to stop bullying & youth suicide

Dear Friends of Jer's Vision,

Dear Friends of Jer’s Vision,

We are Jenna, Ailish & Nelly, and we are volunteers at Jer’s Vision who got involved through our Women’s Studies class at the University of Ottawa.
Our project was to understand bullying in schools and do something about it.  We learned about homophobia, transphobia and other forms of discrimination and how they are making schools unsafe. We also discovered the Accepting Schools Act (Bill 13), an initiative in Ontario that would truly make a difference for youth in schools ( find about the bill here).
We also found out that there are people working to stop this legislation because they feel that talking about homophobic and transphobic bullying in schools is wrong.
We disagree! Research, students and educators all say the only way to stop bullying is to educate and engage youth in a dialogue about it.
So, we have decided to show the members of the Ontario legislature that Canadians care about bullied youth. We ran a campaign this past weekend and got almost 3000 signatures in support of bill, but we need your help!
Our goal is to get 10,000, so we need YOU to print of the letter of support and get your family, friends, colleagues, and even random strangers to show their support.
Please download the letter of support here, get it signed, and send it back to JersVision.org by February 28, 2012. We also encourage you to organize a campaign in your community to dialogue and engage in how you can stop bullying—and don’t hesitate to contact JersVision.org, we are happy to help you with anything you need. You can also sign it online here. 
Please help us help youth in our community. Bullying remains a serious issue that is taking the lives of people we care about. You can make a difference!
Thank you,
Jenna, Ailish & Nelly
Ps-Consider making a donation, JersVision.org is looking for 500 new monthly donors to expand its programming to meet the need of our community. Every dollar you donate will educate 1 youth in school.Please click here to donate today.