Support Ugandan Human Rights and Fight Against the Anti-Homosexuality Act

Jer’s Vision condemns the recently passed Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda, and that it is a symptom of ongoing and increasing human rights violations such as human trafficking, land-grabbing, and the suppression of media freedom and civil society space. We ask you to support the work of the Ugandan Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law (CSCHRCL), and their Human Rights Defenders (who may be arrested, charged, or persecuted as they are exposed in the work they do).

What Can You Do To Help?

  • Donate as much as you can to This will help to support costs in challenging the Anti-Homosexuality Act in the Constitutional Court and the East African Court of Justice.
  • Speak Out & Issue Statements. It is very critical to speak out against the law and its implications in terms of security of the LGBTI community, their allies, and the general implications of the Act on the work around public health and human rights in general. Issue statements condemning the Law so that the Ugandan Government knows that they shall not get away with their actions. These statements should reflect the other human rights violations in the country, not just about LGBTI rights. (Please always alert CSCHRCL to any such statements.)
  • Demonstrate. Whether part of an organization, collective, or gathering of friends in the community, you can organize a demonstration in front of the Ugandan Embassy, a vigil among your place of worship, or other such awareness-raising events of support.
  • Call Multinational Companies. Ask multinational corporations who do business in Uganda to go public about their concerns on the Act and their future economic engagements in Uganda, especially companies that respect and value LGBTI rights and how this would impact their employees and brand image.
  • Ask for Travel Advisories. Contact the government and travel companies to make sure that they issue travel advisories in regards to visiting Uganda so that  LGBTI people are alerted to the risks of traveling to Uganda.
  • Draw Attention to Other Human Rights Issues. In all communication about the impact of the law, please refer to the shrinking and deteriorating policy space that Ugandan civil society is experiencing; not only about this human rights issue, but about “mainstream” human rights as well. Drawing international public attention to issues such as corruption, human trafficking, nodding disease in northern Uganda, land-grabbing, the suppression of media freedom and civil society space, and the Public Order Management Act will shift attention to where it properly belongs– in the best interests of Uganda as a whole. Stepping up public criticism to other negative trends in Uganda reminds the world that this Act is being used as a tool to divert attention from other pertinent issues that Ugandans are facing.
Please do not support cuts to donor aid and general aid to Uganda. We do not want the people of Uganda to suffer because of the choices of the government. However, we support Strategic Aid Cuts to specific sectors, such as the Dutch Government’s decision to withdraw funding from the Justice Sector. Reviews of Aid to organizations and government institutions that have failed to demonstrate respect for Human Rights and those that have been actively supporting the Act are encouraged. We do not support cuts to NGOs and other civil society institutions that offer life saving health services or other important social services to the People of Uganda.
For more information, please contact: 
Geoffrey Ogwaro and Clare Byarugaba,
Human Rights Defenders,
C/O Refugee Law Project,
School of Law,
Makerere University,
Kampala, Uganda.