2019 LGBTQ2S+ Service Providers’ Summit!


My name is Garry Dart and I am the Service Provider Network Coordinator here at the CCGSD. My main task is the organization of the 2019 LGBTQ2S+ Service Providers’ Summit that will be taking place January 11-13th, 2019 at the Ottawa Marriott Hotel. I am very excited to be taking on this project and work in collaboration with the many outstanding service providers from across Canada. Please check out www.ccgsd-ccdgs.org/summit for more details.

With a background in biology, psychology, LGBTQ2S+ peer counselling and looking at MSMs access to healthcare I am enthused to share my experience as well as hear from the national broadbase of knowledge that many organizations and individuals have to contribute in order to meet the needs of our diverse community. We all have personal experiences that shape who we are and influence our drive to change the world. It is again time to inspire, collaborate, advocate for change, increase diversity and inclusion and mend the gaps that seem to exist within our amazing communities.

Have a healthy, happy and intellectually nourishing day!