Students speak-out against ban on GSA, rainbows

A little bit of an old story, but still very relevant story. Read below or read original here


After the Catholic School Board forbid the formation of a gay-straight alliance and banned any public display of rainbows at a student-organized anti-homophobia event, students from St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School in Ontario, Canada are lobbying the school board for the ability to form student groups that focus on LGBT issues.

Leanne Iskander, 16, founder of the school’s “unofficial” GSA, told Xtra that the school board asked them to take down any rainbow decorations because “rainbows are associated with Pride.”  Instead, the students sold cupcakes with rainbow-dyed batter and raised $200 for charity.  The school board would not allow them to donate the money to an LGBT organization, telling them to donate the money to a Catholic homeless shelter.

Queer Ontario, a local organization supporting the students, said that while “it’s absurd to ban the rainbow flag … its completely in keeping with the Catholic board’s treatment of queer students.”

According to Xtra, the Catholic School Board banned GSAs from all Catholic schools because “they lead to activism.”

The students have established the group Catholic Students for GSAs and announced intentions to bring their fight to this year’s Pride parade in Toronto.