Step Up-Speak Out! makes a difference!


The Step Up! Speak Out! Ally Campaign for Inclusive Sportis a partner initiative led by national sport organizations designed to encourage athletes, coaches, officials, sport administrators, parents, fans and other members of the Canadian sport community to respect all individuals involved in sport, regardless of perceived or actual sexual orientation. 

How you can support the Step Up! Speak Out! Ally Campaign for Inclusive Sport:

  1. Make a commitment to being a Step Up! Speak Out! Ally in making sport more welcoming to sexual diversity.
  2. Become a Step Up! Speak Out! Champion.
  3. Post the web button for the Step Up! Speak Out! Ally Campaign on your website, tell others in the sport community about the campaign, and encourage them to become Allies and Champions.

"It's really important for me as an athlete and now as a coach to speak out against homophobia in sport because the concept of total inclusion within all levels of Canadian sport needs to apply to each and every single Canadian, irrespective of sexual orientation. I'm proud to be a Step Up! Speak Out! Champion because I am 100% committed to making sport a no tolerance domain for homophobia. We are privileged in Canada to enjoy a very high standard of personal and group rights compared to most of the world, but that doesn't mean we should be complacent. Homophobia in Canadian sport is real and needs to be kicked off the court for good."  – Anna Rice, two-time Canadian Badminton Olympian