Spirit Day Message, remembering those we lost by making a difference

Today marks the 3rd annual Spirit Day (Purple Day). The day was founded in 2010 by youth who were deeply saddened by a surge of widely publicized bullying-related suicides. In an effort to show remembrance and demonstrate they would stop bullying they wore purple, the colour representing ‘spirit’ in the Rainbow-Pride Flag designed by Harvey Milk’s friend and colleague Gilbert Baker.
In light of recent events, it is more important today than ever before that we reflect on the effects bullying has on our community and work together to create solutions.
At Jer’s Vision, we will be joining you in observing a moment of silence at 12:30pm today. We will be doing this moment of silence at The Jer’s Vision Parliamentary luncheon, an event where volunteers and youth will be sharing their bullying experiences and solutions with Members of Parliament, Senators and their staff. Additionally, Jer’s Vision will be calling on all those assembled to create a National Suicide Prevention Strategy, with concrete actions.
But our work doesn’t stop there.
  • We will continue to engage youth with workshops and presentations every day.
  •  We will work with and provide tools to communities, teachers, parents, officials (police, community organization, among others).
  • We will support youth initiatives and clubs.
  • We will run engagement days where we will train youth to be involved in stopping bullying (sign up now to attend or volunteer for one of our Dare to Stand Out Conference across Canada here).
  • And we will continue to create unique youth designed efforts like the Day of Pink and our new Bullying Monologues (launching today), to engage youth in a variety of ways to discuss, engage and to stop bullying.
Get involved by sharing this message with a friend and family, and supporting efforts to stop bullying in your community.  Make an additional contribution by volunteering and/or making a donation (become a monthly donor or make a one time donation).
Thank you for your support,
Jeremy Dias, director
info@jersvision.org or direct: 613-858-3427
JersVision.org: Canada’s Youth Organization to Stop Bullying
DayOfPink.org (April 10, 2012)
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