September RISE Updates

The CCGSD is proud to support Apathy is Boring and their RISE project by offering Ambassadors to their cohorts.


RISE Cohort 2 began on August 8, and since then the 7 new Ambassadors have been working hard to come up with a project to address issues around social exclusion in Ottawa. Throughout the first month and a half of the program Ambassadors have learned about anti-oppression, heard from panelists about projects already happening in Ottawa, attended our national retreat (you can check out pictures here) , and have started getting into project planning.

At the retreat, Ottawa Ambassadors pitched two potential project ideas to the other RISE Ambassadors from across the country.  The goal of both of these potential projects was to build confidence and connection between refugee and newcomer youth and Ottawa, however the way in which each project aimed to achieve this goal was different:

  • The Amazing Chase focused on creating a fun scavenger hunt for refugee, newcomer youth, and other mentors/buddies in Ottawa
  • You are Community focused on  becoming involved and connected with Ottawa through volunteering and serving the community

And the winner was…

You are Community!

Over the next few weeks we hope to consult with refugees, newcomers, and newcomer organizations in Ottawa to get a better idea of how this project can come to fruition, how we can work together, what we can offer, and to determine what needs to change in order to make people want to participate.


Opportunities to Get Involved with RISE Ottawa
(1) Community consultations will be integral to the success of the project! If you are a newcomer organization, have connections with a newcomer organization, or know some newcomers who would be interested in this kind of event, please let me know!

(2) Applications the become a RISE Organizer are online! We will be looking for youth volunteers (18-30 years) who can give about 8-10 hours per month in October and November in order to help make the project come to life. If any of the youth in your programs would be interested in participating as an Organizer, please refer them to me or AisB’s social media!