School is back in session, update & opportunities @JersVision, @DayOfPink & @PFLAG Canada

Dear Friends,
Dear Friends,
School is back in session, and we at, the Day of PINK, and PFLAG Canada are already running workshops, presentations, and engaging youth to make their community a safer and better place!
Here are some things you might be interested in:
  • Book a workshop, presentation, and more! offers FREE presentations across Canada, and we are booking now!
    Some of  our workshops are listed here.  If you want a workshop for your students, educators, or community organizations, to schedule now. 
  • Dare to Stand Out is coming to your Community!
    Canada’s largest LGBTQ-Ally youth training conferences are coming to your community!  And YOU are invited  to register NOW! Are you part of your schools’ GSA/QSA and want to learn how to make it stronger and make your school a safer and better place?  Come to our free event! If you have questions, or are interested in collaborating, please contact Lukayo Faye at
  • & PFLAG Canada Unite is proud to reopen the national PFLAG Canada Office at 440 Albert St, in Ottawa. This is thefirst time two LGBTQ-A charities have collaborated in this way, and we know that this dynamic partnership will strengthen our work to make Canada a safer and better place to live for all persons.  Find out more here.Feel free to email us with any questions or ideas.( Also, check out the article on DailyXtra)
  • Work at PFLAG Canada
    Ever want to work at a dynamic office that makes a real difference in communities across Canada? Now is your chance! Apply to work at a PFLAG Canada Coordinator.  For more information, please check out the website here. The applications deadline is September 15, 2013.

Jeremy Dias 
your community director 
new office: 440 Albert St, suite C304
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