Sarah Littisha Jansen

Sarah Littisha Jansen is an Ottawa-based bisexual femme who passes her days balancing professional activism with the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity and a full-time PhD program. Raised in Calgary, Alberta, she passed through Toronto, Ontario for her undergraduate studies and finally landed in the National Capital. While living in Prishtina, Kosovo/a doing undergraduate research into Serbian/Albanian bilingualism and its contribution sustainable peace in the region she came out as bisexual. She then blogged about her experience of being ‘Bisexual in the Balkans’ through the independent media portal Kosovo 2.0.

For the past two years she has worked at CCGSD in various event and programming coordination and management roles. In her spare time, she also studies as a full-time PhD student in International Conflict Management and Resolution at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. Her research focuses on the differing tactics of self-determination movements, from conventional politics to mass non-violence or armed insurgency.

Sarah Littisha is outspoken about the people who exist in between socially constructed binaries of many kinds, international politics, nonviolent communication, mental health and social justice. She has perpetual wanderlust and has travelled through North America, Europe, and Africa. Attempting to fit all of her passions into a common framework, she seeks to blend an interest in local community politics and international affairs, applying skills of conflict mediation and interpersonal dialogue across levels of society.


Opioid Pills, Thrills, and Cross-Border Ills (2014)

Environment, Energy, Economy: US-Canada Trade Beyond the Keystone XL (2014)

Serbian/Albanian Bilingualism in Kosova: Reversal or Entrenchment of the Curse of Babel? (2012)

DTSO: Canada’s National Gender and Sexual Minorities Service Providers’ Summit (WorldPride Affiliate Event) Interview with OutlookTV (2014)


SafeTalk and ASIST-trained (2014).

Honours Bachelor of Arts, Major in International Studies and Minor in Études françaises, from Glendon College of York University (2013).

Certificate of Bilingual Excellence (English/Français) from Glendon College of York University (2013).

Certificate of Intermediate Italian Proficiency from York University (2013).