RFP for New Space


The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity (hereafter: The Centre) proposes the creation of a new museum, cultural centre and business space, to be located in the Ottawa’s downtown. Tentatively we have secured a location (15,000 square feet) at Lebreton Flats. This document is to engage the services of a consultant to generate a detailed feasibility study for this project. The object of this request for proposals is to provide the Centre with qualified candidates capable of fulfilling the work objectives defined below. Submissions from these candidates will be the basis for evaluation, interview, and selection.

  • Suggest or create content and experience design of museum
  • Identify capital and annual operating expenses
  • Identify earned and contributed revenue opportunities
  • Undertake market analysis, identify comparable, and project attendance
  • Assess feasibility of project and identify opportunities and barriers to success


Submission Details

An electronic proposal should be submitted to the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (C304-440 Albert Street, Ottawa ON, K1R 5B5, attn: Jeremy Dias, info@ccgsd-ccdgs.org) by December 20, 2017 at 4pm EST.

The Centre reserves the right to cancel this Request for Proposals at any time and for any reason without any liabilities to any proponent.

Proposals may be withdrawn by written notice only provided such notice is received at the office of the City’s Purchasing Section prior to the date/time set as the closing time for receiving proposals.

Read the CCGSD Museum & Space RFP by clicking here

Questions and Answers we have received so far:

1. What is the anticipated or projected budget for the fully realized project?
  • We are anticipating the full project to cost approximately 6 million.

2. What is the budget ceiling for this RFP’s scope of work?

  • There is no budget ceiling for the RFP’s scope, but the Ministry of Heritage (the funder) typically funds proposals at approximately $45,000.

3. Given the proposed location, we suspect that this is a green field situation rather than retrofitting an existing building. If so, are conceptual renderings/visualizations required for a new building as part of this bid’s scope?

  • No, conceptual renderings or visions are not required for the bid. Right now we are looking at the second floor (15,000 square feet) of a condo tower going up in an EPIC location, so it may not even be necessary in the long term.

4. If this project involves retrofitting an existing building, will building floorplans be made available prior to submitting the bid’s response?

  • The project does not involve retrofitting an exiting building. We are hopeful that we will move into a new space. Claridge Vision of the new CCGSD Space You will note, we have the space in purple. If you have questions, please call us : 613-858-3427
  • Note: We know that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to office space, so we hope your proposal will reflect a flexible plan.
5. What is your projected timeline for a feasibility study?
  • We are hope that the feasibility study would be turned around in 2-4 months
6. Are we going for government funding? or private?
  • Our focus in government funding.

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