Remembering Ted Northe

I, Jeremy Dias, would like to extend my condolences to the friends & family of the incredible Ted Northe. A fellow Q Hall of Fame inductee, Ted Northe was born in 1937 into a military family from Cooking Lake Alberta, and raised in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. From these humble beginnings came someone who would spend all their adult life advocating for the rights and equality for all people.

Mr. Northe has spearheaded a plethora of actions that were monumental in achieving the rights and freedoms for many in the Queer community. From the early days of handwritten letter-writing campaign that fought for the decriminalization of Homosexuality, to organizing events in support of the right to have a gay business or belong to a gay organization without government interference, Mr. northe has spent many years working with others to ensure the rights of the LGBT community are fought for and defended. Moreover, Mr. northe has carried his passion to improve the quality of life for others in his many works with the Canadian Red Cross and the BC Cancer Society.

In 1964, Mr. Northe founded the Imperial Court System in Canada and in 1967 became the Empress of Canada. Through this organization, Mr. northe perfected his powerful ability to raise funds and awareness across Canada, and as a result, many current LGBT organizations were born from his support and energy. Mr. northe created the Imperial Court System in Canada, the first Community Christmas Dinner, and the first gay community disaster relief fund in Vancouver. He collaborated with business owners to develop the first Gay Businessmen’s Guild and worked with the lesbian community to host the first openly gay Breast Cancer fundraiser. Ted Northe also sponsored the first gay sports leagues (Bowling, West End Softball), the first Vancouver Pride Parade and supported the creation of the Grater Vancouver Native Culture Society for 2 spirited people. Finally, Mr. northe hosted the first three boat cruises to raise money for the BC Children’s Hospital and the Easter Seals campaign.

Mr. Northe has been honoured with the Canadian Red Cross Humanitarian and Distinguished Citizen Award; British Columbia Cancer Society Citizen’s Award for Fundraising; the Governor General’s Special Service Medal for Distinguished Citizen and Humanitarian; Certificate of Special USA Congressional Recognition; the Saskatchewan Canadian Award; Rita Rhinestone Pegasus Humanitarian Award; 1st recipient of the Jose’ Sarria Award; Key to San Francisco; Key to Portland; Citizenship Award (Bay Area Reporter); Honorary Empress of Ensenada Mexico and many others.

Ted was a hero, role model and a friend. 

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