Randall Garrison is making a difference!


OTTAWA – Today New Democrat LGBTT critic Randall Garrison (Esquimalt Juan de Fuca) is re-affirming the NDP’s commitment to equality for all by re-introducing the Trans Rights Bill previously championed by former New Democrat Member of Parliament, Bill Siksay. 

 The Trans Rights Bill moves to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the grounds of gender identity or gender expression, as well as amending the Criminal Code to include gender identity and gender expression as a recognized group when offences are motivated by bias, prejudice or hate.

“This is a population that faces constant discrimination everywhere they go and in everything they do. Trans people have serious difficulties accessing housing, health care, employment and protection under the law.  Not only are Trans people subject to serious discrimination but they are all too often victims of violence,” says Garrison.

 In working towards building support for the Trans Rights Bill, Garrison has focused on the fact that Trans people are members of our families, our loved ones, our friends, colleagues and neighbours and they deserve to have their identity protected by the law the same way other marginalized populations do in Canada.

This Bill successfully passed its third reading in the House of Commons in the last Parliament with the full support of the NDP caucus and some support from Conservatives, Liberals and Bloc Québécios. Parliament was dissolved before the Bill could be debated in the Senate.