Rainbow Day on the Hill

Yesterday, May 27th 2014, was the annual Rainbow Day on the Hill! Rainbow Day is a LGBTQ mentorship event Jer’s Vision organizes in partnership with the LGBT Caucus on Parliament Hill. This event is an opportunity for LGBTQ youth with an interest in politics to learn about what its like to be an out Member of Parliament.

Every year, the 6 out MPs are partnered with one to two young people who get the opportunity to see how parliament really works, and to learn from the experience and wisedom of elected members of parliament! 

In the words of Kaylea Moreau, “Rainbow Day was incredible. I didn’t even know there were any LGBT MPs on the hill until just a few weeks ago, and its amazing to see that they are there, they are out, and its okay. It was a really inspiring experience for me to see such strong LGBT role models. Rainbow Day for me was a chance to learn, to open my eyes and I definiately recommend you check it out next year!”

We would like to thank Craig Scott, Dany Morin, Randall Garrison, Libby Davis, Philip Toone and Scott Brison for all their work, and for standing up as role models for LGBTQ youth across Canada.

This year, we were joined by Krystal Kayne, an anti-bullying advocate from Manitoba, and had the chance to sign her anti-bullying blanket, which has accumulated over 7000 signatures, including those of Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, and Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger, to name but a few!

We were grateful to be joined by Niki Ashton for our lunch reception, who spoke about her work and her commitment to fighting bullying.

We wanted to especially thank Dany Morin and Steve Slepchik for all of their hard work making Rainbow Day such a success.

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