Professional Development

The CCGSD continues to be a leader in 2LGBTQI Professional Development.

What makes us different is that we don’t just offer ‘anther workshops’. We work with organizations to understand their communities, their specific learning goals, and what measurable changes they want to see in their workplaces.

This include coaching organizations in strengthening their Pride group, developing structure + strategies, and offering ‘Train-the-Trainer’ workshops.

We are proud to be a bilingual organization and offer training in both official languages.

Moreover, we are here for you. Your team is encouraged to reach out to us after training for additional coaching, more information, local referrals, and opportunities to volunteer.

Our approach is also different. We are proud to:

  • Customize: We work with organization to customize our workshops, presentations, and conferences so that they respond to your specific needs.
  • Be Experiential: We don’t just talk, we work with you to create understanding and behavioral change through workshops, activities and experiential learning.
  • Go Beyond Workshops: We are proud to work with organizations to offer customized experiences. From movie screenings, guest workshops (ex. Two-Spirit presenter or Senior activist), to guided museum visits, we go beyond the classroom to opportunities that increase learning.
  • Research: We work with leading researchers and organizations to ensure that our content is always evolving to respond to new and emerging needs. For example, please review our Intersex learning tool here:
  • Communities: We work with local communities to bring resources into our training. We are also proud to connect you to local organizations, volunteer opportunities and support services.
  • Award Winners: In 2018, the CCGSD was proud to receive a Challenge Coin from the RCMP for our work with their team. Other awards include: StandOUT (Vancouver Pride); Diamond Jubilee Award (Government of Canada); and Mayor’s Community Builder Award (City of Ottawa).

Some our clients include:

  • Ministry of Heritage
  • Ministry of Agriculture & Agri-foods
  • The City of Ottawa
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Public Service Alliance of Canada
  • The Ottawa Paramedics
  • YouCan
  • PFLAG Canada
  • North Central Teacher’s Convention of Alberta
  • Central Alberta Teacher’s Convention
  • Edmonton Alberta Teacher’s Convention
  • Calgary Alberta Teacher’s Convention

Positive Space from the CCGSD:

Positive Space training was first developed in the 90s by folks at the University of Toronto who sought to creating more inclusive classroom. This training worked on focusing on the lived experiences of individuals to build empathy and respect.

Today, Positive Space training has evolved dramatically. The CCGSD works to:

  1. Give participants an understanding of 2LGBTQI identities in relationship to human rights
  2. Share participants on the history, heritage and culture of 2LGBTQI people
  3. Identify how participants can apply this understanding of 2LGBTQI people to the workplace, and what they can do to create safer and respectful workplaces.
  4. Train participants on practical immediate, short-term, medium-term, and long-term strategies that they can use to create 2LGBTQI inclusion in their workplace communities.
  5. Give participants and understanding of current 2LGBTQI topics, challenges and solutions

Our training focuses on giving participants real tool that shift their behaviours and actions to create more inclusive workplace and improve relations with external 2LGBTQI stakeholders.

Please request examples of some of the presentations we have developed by emailing:

More than just Positive Space:

The CCGSD offers other workshops including the following:

  • Sexual Differentiation & Intersex Conditions: Did you know that intersex folks are as common as redheads? This workshop aims to raise awareness of intersex conditions and explore the definitions of “male” and “female”. Customized to the level’s curriculum, this workshop explores a range of topics including: cell differentiation, human development, genetics, and anatomy.
  • Trans 101: A look at the history of trans identity, and gender non-conforming people. We’ll discuss what transgender means, and what life is like when one doesn’t identify with the gender they were assigned at birth, whether that means living inside or outside of male and female binary. Participants will come away with real action steps on how to improve the lives of their trans peers, how to speak about trans people respectively inside and outside of school, and how they can pursue more information, and conduct individual research on the topic.
  • Queer History: Our Educational Coordinators give a fascinating and interactive presentation on queer history throughout the 20th century. The presentation explore queer people through history, the history behind the stigmatization of same sex relationships, queer people during World War 2, the 2LGBTQI government Purge, the Aids Epidemic of the 1980’s and the fight for equality in Canada.
  • Decolonizing Gender & Two-Spirit Identities: This workshop gives a brief history of settler colonialism on Turtle Island, or what we know as North America. In the process of decolonizing and reclaiming our identities as autonomous peoples, we have reclaimed all traditional genders outside the Western gender binary and termed them Two-Spirit. This workshop will explain what this term means and what it was born from.
  • Feminism is for everyone: This workshop outlines the basics of feminist theory and de-bunks myths perpetrated by modern-day MRA activists and concludes with practices of self-empowerment. This workshop encourages reflection and discussion on topics such as gender stereotypes and social inequalities.
  • Globally Queer: This presentation explores the civil rights, or lack thereof, of queer citizens throughout the globe. The workshop covers things like legality of same sex relations, discrimination protection, adoption rights and free press on queer issues.
  • Note: We have also worked with folks to organize other activities including field trips, museum tours, and specialized experiences (example: Two-Spirit pipe ceremony).

Costs and Regions:

The CCGSD is a registered charity. We believe that this training should accessible to everyone.

We ask that (if possible) organizations cover our travel & accommodations (if applicable) and offer an honoraria for the organization to continue doing this work. The average organization pays $350-500 per workshop (to cover prep time, and staff time).

Please note: we work on a sliding-scale. This means that if you pay what you can. And if your organization can’t afford anything we will offer you the training for free.

Moreover, as a national organization, we are in each part of the country at least once a year, so if you want, you can book your regional trainings to line up with existing regional commitments. This helps cut down travel costs.

Currently our staff team is traveling across Canada, and we would be happy to work with your to train your team in various regions in line with other travel.

What folks are saying about our Professional Development:

“As our union works to evolve and progress on equity representation and inclusion, Jeremy and the CCGSD have been a guiding force for us. Providing tools, resources, lived experiences, they intricately understand our needs. They have helped us in better defining who we want to be as advocates for our members, what kind of union we want to build, and how to be more reflective and inclusive of our membership.”
-Crystal Warner,National Executive Vice-President, Canada Employment and Immigration Union (CEIU)