The Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Prevention Program

The intimate partner violence prevention program offers:

Service directory

A directory of LGBTQ2S+ inclusive, knowledgeable and respectful services in your area (in progress)

Free Workshops (1-2 hours)

For LGBTQ2S+ Services: Geared toward informing LGBTQ2S+ service providers on the circumstances of IPV within the rainbow community
For Intimate Partner Violence Services: Geared toward informing IPV service providers of the specific LGBTQ2S+ circumstances associated with IPV
The Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Prevention Program at the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity aims to increase capacity of LGBTQ2S+ agencies by providing them with tools, information on services, and training to support LGBTQ2S+ victims of domestic physical assault, sexual assault and emotional abuse and to increase their access to the criminal justice system. We work with LGBTQ2S+ agencies, law enforcement, and non-LGBTQ2S+ organizations to create best practices to address the gaps in victim services and increase access to justice for LGBTQ2S+ people. The IPV Prevention program delivers comprehensive training to LGBGQ2S+ agencies and criminal justice system players across the country on how to better support LGBTQ2S+ victims of crime.

We will work with any and all service providers across Canada who may come into contact with LGBTQ2S+ victims of intimate partner violence, including:

  • sexual assault centres
  • community resource/health centres
  • legal services
  • victim services
  • police units
  • sexual health centres
  • pride centres
  • university/college programs
  • and many others

All our services are completely free of charge and we are able to travel to where you are to facilitate the workshops.


Also, as this is an area that is not well documented, a comprehensive research study is planned for the future. In the meantime, we have put together a short (15 minute) LGBTQ2S+ Victim Experience Survey to get a feel of where exactly the gaps in service delivery are and to help give a voice to victims across Canada.

For inquiries, to book a workshop, or to receive tools and information, please contact:
(613) 400-1875