The Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Prevention Program

The intimate partner violence prevention program offers:

Service directory

A directory of LGBTQ2S+ inclusive, knowledgeable and respectful services in your area (in progress)

Free Workshops (1-2 hours)

For LGBTQ2S+ Services: Geared toward informing LGBTQ2S+ service providers on the circumstances of IPV within the rainbow community
For Intimate Partner Violence Services: Geared toward informing IPV service providers of the specific LGBTQ2S+ circumstances associated with IPV
The Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Prevention Program at the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity aims to increase capacity of LGBTQ2S+ agencies by providing them with tools, information on services, and training to support LGBTQ2S+ victims of domestic physical assault, sexual assault and emotional abuse and to increase their access to the criminal justice system. We work with LGBTQ2S+ agencies, law enforcement, and non-LGBTQ2S+ organizations to create best practices to address the gaps in victim services and increase access to justice for LGBTQ2S+ people. The IPV Prevention program delivers comprehensive training to LGBGQ2S+ agencies and criminal justice system players across the country on how to better support LGBTQ2S+ victims of crime.

We will work with any and all service providers across Canada who may come into contact with LGBTQ2S+ victims of intimate partner violence, including:

  • sexual assault centres
  • community resource/health centres
  • legal services
  • victim services
  • police units
  • sexual health centres
  • pride centres
  • university/college programs
  • and many others

All our services are completely free of charge and we are able to travel to where you are to facilitate the workshops.

For inquiries, to book a workshop, or to receive tools and information, please contact:

(613) 400-1875