PRESS RELEASE: On April 10, 2013 8.5 Million Canadians will wear PiNK to Stop Bullying!

PRESS RELEASE: On April 10, 2013 8.5 Million Canadians will wear PiNK to Stop Bullying!

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  • presents the 5th Annual International Day of Pink with events in every province and territory, with over 8.5 million registered Canadian participants
  • & The International Day of Pink to hold a Gala on April 10 (the Day of Pink) in Ottawa to honor the Rt Hon Michaelle Jean, Olympian Mark Tewksbury & 
  • Students at Michaelle Jean School meet in the Senate (11am) to talk about bullying
  • AND an LGBTQ community leader will be surprised with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at the Gala
  • Other Gala guests include: Hon. MP Hedy Fry, MP Randall Garrison, Hon. MPP Yasir Naqvi, City councillor Mathieu Fleury, City councillor Keith Egli, City councillor Leigh Bursey, Elder Sharp Dopler, Hon Ambassador Wim Geerts (Netherlands), Deputy Fire Marshal Pierre Voisine, Ryan G Hinds and CBC’s Over the Rainbow Runner Up Stephanie La Rochelle 


How do you stop bullying? Get 1 in 4 Canadians to wear PiNK!

“This is so incredible! When I was told how many people had registered to wear pink this year and what so many schools were doing from coast, to coast, to coast, I was completely speechless,” says Jeremy Dias, Director of  & The International Day of Pink.

Jeremy Dias founded in 2005 as a mere scholarship, and this year the organization will run anti-bullying workshops every day of the school year and over 20 youth conferences. On top of that, will facilitate the International Day of Pink, a day to raise awareness about bullying in schools and youth communities.

 “A pink shirt cannot stop bullying. But wearing pink raises awareness about the issue. Wearing a pink shirt says to your school and community that YOU understand that bullying happens and that YOU are committed to doing something about it.  It is daily actions like: being kinder, standing up for someone, reporting bullying, learning about diversity and taking action.” Jeremy smiles. “More over, the International Day of Pink has become a platform for youth and adults to hold awareness, educational and engagement activities.”

Jeremy pauses a moment, then says: “There is no magic wand that can cure bullying. Bullying is a complex multifaceted issue that requires numerous complex multifaceted solutions.”

This year, and the International Day of Pink will honor 3 new community leaders for their work in promoting diversity and stopping bullying. Previous winners have included: Rick Mercer, Brian Burke, Stephen Lewis, and the Hon. Jack Layton.

“Each winner is deserving for so many reasons. The Rt. Hon. Michaelle Jean was Canada’s most outspoken Governor General for youth issues. She pioneered countless projects that saved lives and has been the only Governor General to every patron LGBTQ charities. Mark Tewksbury became a household name when he won a gold medal in the 1992 Olympics, however being and openly gay athlete and advocating for the ability to be out in sports has reshaped the sporting landscape in Canada and the world” said Jeremy.

The Day of Pink in Ottawa will include at talk with over 150 youth at the Senate Chamber on Parliament Hill at 11am, followed by a flash mob in downtown Ottawa. That evening, hundred will gathers for a free Gala with the Rt. Hon. Michaelle Jean and Mark Tewksbury at Ottawa’s only free Gala, the Day of Pink Gala.