Please sign this letter of support

Hi friends,

On Friday, Ukraine’s parliament will vote on a new anti-gay censorship bill. With only three days to go, we’ve got a globally coordinated plan to pressure Ukraine’s politicians from every angle – but we need you to help us dial it up.

We started a massive global petition and ran a full-page ad in Ukraine’s biggest newspaper. Then we live-tweeted Ukraine’s Euro2012 match against England and caught the global media’s attention. Protests were held outside parliaments Kyiv and Brussels. And in the last two days, thousands of All Out members have urged their Foreign Offices to speak out against this hateful law.

The pressure is working, but Ukrainian activists need us to make one final push. Over 75,000 All Out members have already signed the petition – will you join them and help put a stop to this law?

On Saturday, Sir Elton John gave a concert in Kyiv and asked all Ukrainians to take a stand against Law 8711. He even met with Svyatoslav Sheremet, the organizer of Pride who was savagely beaten for being gay (pictured right). Laws like 8711 are gathering steam across eastern and central Europe, but we can stop it. 

This Friday, Ukraine’s parliament will meet to vote on this law – will you help us double this petition to 150,000 signatures?

Thanks for going All Out.


Andre, Aviya, Guillaume, Hayley, Jasmin, Jeremy, Michael, Tile and Wesley