Peterborough Pride Sept 12-25

Peterborough Pride Week starts this Saturday!

The theme for this the 9th Pride celebration is Celebrate Diversity!

In addition to celebrating diversity in all its forms, this year is also an opportunity to

celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1981 Toronto raids and the marches that

followed that so greatly influenced the LGBT liberation work and achievements since


While we celebrate we will not forget that Pride is also about highlighting the need

to continue to push for rights and respect yet to be won.

Peterborough Pride Week has become a cornerstone annual event for the

community and we hope you take part and make it your own!

There are over 20 events planned for Pride Week!

Check out all the exciting events here:

Although the most up-to-date info is on the website, we have attached the event list

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Do you have your tickets yet for the Boat Cruise next Thursday?

Have you noticed the informative workshops, talks, and gatherings?

When was the last time you did some knitting or bowling?

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Join the Pride Parade on Saturday

Download the registration form to apply to enter a group in the parade: Participation Application.doc

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