Partnering with Inside Out Ottawa

Since 2007, Jer’s Vision has been proud to partner with the Inside Out Film Festival. The festival works hard to celebrate the creative talents and share the divers stories of our community.

This year, Jer’s Vision sent posters to high schools across the region, highlighting the festival amazing series of youth short films. This was especially exciting because this particular series was free for any student.

We also promoted the festival on our website, newsletters, and at every regional workshop (speaking to over 3000 people).

Inside Out graciously recognizes Jer’s Vision as an in-kind sponsor, and as such invited our new Hep C Manager, Kai, to speak at the screening of Lilting. Inside Out will also be donating a filme to the National GSA Forum in May 2015

**Check out this photo of Kai (far right) & Sarah (center), manager of the GSA Forum.**

Kai said the following:

  • First off, I just want to say a huge thank you to Inside Out for having us here to speak tonight. Jer’s Vision is extremely proud and honoured to be a partner with the Inside Out LGBT Film Festival this year by helping promote and reach out to the youth in Ottawa about this event!  
  • My name is Kai, and I am the HepC Manager at Jer’s Vision!
  • For those of you who don’t know who we are:
    We are a national anti-bullying, anti-discrimination youth group that focuses on issues specifically pertaining to homophobia and transphobia.  We do this by offering workshops, talks, and conferences not just for students, but for their teachers, school administration, and even businesses/organizations that feel that their teams are in need of a little diversity and sensitivity training.

    Apart from these programs, I am proud to be a part of our national program that engages youth to start complex conversations on different aspects of health, specifically mental health as well as sexually transmitted and blood born infections. As part of this project, we are actually bringing 85 student from across Canada to come to Ottawa during the first week of December to train them to become Health Ambassadors who will not only return to their schools and run fun community projects to educate their peers on STBBIs but to also to demand for a more comprehensive and inclusive Sex-Ed Programs in their schools.

  • Now, I know you what you are thinking: that sounds pretty awesome, where can I find out more? Well, please find me after the screening to join our mailing list to find out how you can get involved with Jer’s Vision, whether it’s through my project or through our other education programs! Also, if you have some spare change is weighing you down tonight, please consider donating to organizations such Inside Out & Jer’s Vision who are both organizations working hard to better the LGBTQ community here in Ottawa and all across Canada.
  • Last but not least, I wanted to say a huge thank you to the Inside Out staff and volunteers who are putting on this amazing festival. Please join me for a round of applause!
  • Please enjoy the film!