Olá a todos from Jessica

Olá a todos/Hello Everyone,

My name is Jessica Azevedo (Jazevedo) and I am elated to introduce myself as the new Conferences Manager here at the CCGSD. I am incredibly honoured to be working for the CCGSD, as it is an organization that provides anti-oppressive support and resources, fosters community alliances, and mobilizes change within the activist/political realms which are near and dear to my heart. In other words, I am utterly excited to be part of an organization that focuses on combating transphobia, transmisogyny, homophobia and other forms of oppression.

As a feisty queer-femme feminist, the mandate here at the CCGSD is what makes this my dream job. However, I have come to realize that what really puts the icing on this rainbow cake is the fact that I get to work with incredibly brilliant, progressive, supportive, creative and passionate people. One of these people is Lukayo Faye C. Estrella, who will be leaving the CCGSD and is my predecessor as the Conferences Manager from 2012-2015. This is important for me to mention here because I have so much thanks and praise to give to Lukayo for leaving me with their fantastic legacy of radical work, which I intend to continue.

So, a little about me: realizing my deep love for queer anti-racist, anti-colonial feminist politics during my time at Trent University in the Women’s Studies Program, I spent some time coordinating youth support groups in various high schools and non-profit NGO’s before coming to Ottawa in 2008. Having an activist background in queer feminist anti-oppressive education, queer performance, youth subcultural formations, and youth outreach, I came to Ottawa to complete my Honours in Women’s and Gender Studies at Carleton University. This then lead to a Masters in Women’s Studies at the University of Ottawa, and the current pursuit of my PhD in Sociology and Political Economy at Carleton University.

During my time as an undergrad and PhD student at Carleton, I was an active participant of the LGBTQ Centre, the Womyn’s Centre, my local CUPE 4600, and Vice President of the Women’s and Gender Society. Moreover, I was a previous volunteer on the Board of Directors for the Women’s Initiatives for Safer Environments in Ottawa (a non-profit NGO), and a Conference Committee Member for the Institute of Political Economy at Carleton. I am also obsessed with my cat, Lona, singing/karaoke, music (both as a listener and creator), body modifications/body politics, being photographed/selfies, drag/gender-play performing, poetry/creative writing, glitter, cooking, fresh fruit, and chicken wings.

Now that you know me a bit better I hope it is evident that the CCGSD and I are a perfect match! I intend on taking all of my experiences and political motivations and applying them to the work I do with the CCGSD. Some of the upcoming and ongoing programs I am really exuberant about are the Dare to Stand Out Conferences, that engage youth on matters pertaining to sexual health. Also, I am looking forward to The Gender and Sexuality Forums, which are various cross-Canada regional conferences. This is because they include really cool and unique keynotes and workshops that work towards challenging social inequalities based on forms of discrimination and intersectional violence.

So, to sum it all up for you all, I am so grateful to be part of this amazing team at the CCGSD! Thanks for reading! Desarmar, paz, unir-se e lutar!!!

Awards/ Honorariums

  • Honourary Mention/Nominated for the TA Teaching Excellence Award at Carleton University at the Pauline Jewett Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Charlotte Whitton Fellowship at Carleton University for the School of Canadian Studies
  • Dean’s Award from the University of Ottawa
  • Annie Fraser Roy Scholarship at Carleton University

Self-Designed Courses, Conferences, Workshops & Presentations

EMCP Mini Course at Carleton University for Junior high school                                    May 2015

students. Title of course taught: Love Yourself: Feminist Approaches

to Self Love & Care

Delivered a Teaching Assistant workshop for new TA’s on Pedagogy                      February 2014

and Pedagogical Approaches through the Department of Sociology at

Carleton University

Canadian Sociological Association at Congress: University of                                           June 2013

Victoria BC Presented paper with supervisor, Dr. Jacqueline Kennelly, titled:

Who Belongs in the Olympic City? A Feminist Critique of the Impacts of the

2012 London Games on Low Income Youth and the Sex Industry

UCLA’s Centre for the Study of Women’s 23rd Annual ‘Thinking                               February 2013  

Gender’ Conference. Presented paper titled: Youth Subcultural Resistance

& The Politics Of Queer Femmegimp and Crip Kid Porn and Erotica.

Making Waves, departmental conference for final research projects at                          April 2011

the University of Ottawa: Institute of Women’s Studies. Presented

theoretical component of feminist art project titled: A Justiça Começa Em Casa?

Onde é Casa?- Pedagogy’s Hinge on Embodied Feminist Media/Art Epistemological Historicism, Affect, Memory & Images of Colonization

  • Why Women’s and Gender Studies?”: recruitment presentation and                      March 2010

video for the Pauline Jewett Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies

at Carleton University. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vbc7WzgLXuU


Refereed Publications

Azevedo, Jessica “Cripping’ Resistance: The Politics of Jes Sasche’s and Loree               Jan. 2013

Erickon’s Porn/Erotica” commissioned book insert for J. Stiltanen and A. Doucet’s

Gender Relations In Canada Second Edition (in preparation).


Non-Refereed Publications & Interviews

Boxes in Brief(s), The Moose and Pussy, No. 4                                                                     Feb. 2010

Earl Grey Don’t Swing that Way, The Moose and Pussy, No. 5                                         Nov. 2009

Interview with Katherine Dunn from the Charlatan Carleton News.                                June 2008

Printed as article in 2008. Archived online at:

Carleton student exploring “desires”

Title: Carleton Student ‘exploring desires’

Research Contributor to A Canadian Curriculum Theory Project                  August 2011-Present

MA Thesis accessible online for ongoing research and teaching projects

related to curriculum development and anti-oppressive teaching.