Contest: O-Train Car Names–The Next 15

O-Train Car Names–The Next 15

In 2017, the City of Ottawa launched a contest to name the 40 trains on the Trillium and Confederation Lines. From November 2nd-December 8, 2017, 1,899 names were submitted by children, and in 2018 Coun. Stephen Blais, Coun. Keith Egli, OC Transpo director of customer systems Pat Scrimgeour, and Livia Belcea, the mayor’s press secretary selected 40 names.

Of the 40 names, 15 of them honour specific people (only 5 are women). Merely three of them could claim Ottawa as their home, and none of them are First Nation, Inuit, Franco-Ontarian, people of colour, LGBTQ2+ people, or persons from minority religious communities.

On February 28, 2018 a collective of 22 community leaders wrote an open letter to the Mayor and Director of OcTranspo asking that the contest be recognized as problematic for its lack of diversity=and proposed a solution: that the names be expanded to include additional names to ensure all members of the community be reflected. See CBC article here.

The City of Ottawa informed the media they would not make any efforts to create inclusion in the process.

As such, the collective has launched it own competition: O-Train Car Names–The Next 15. Enter the contest here

We invite everyone in the City of Ottawa to propose the names of people who have lived and impacted Ottawa to be on the Next 15 trains, as new trains are expand to the ever growing transit system.


Contest Information

Are you passionate about the City of Ottawa? Do you want to see the city recognize and celebrate our diverse history? Do you want to be part of Ottawa’s history? This is your chance!

O-Train Car Names Community Collective  is now running a Name “the Next 15″  Contest to find the names the next 15 train cars on the O-Train Lines (Confederation & Trillium). While we cannot guarantee the City of Ottawa will accept theses names, the Collective and our allies on city council are committed to pushing this community solution forward, and have diverse representation on all our city symbols.

The contest will run from March 12, 2018 12:00 PM Eastern Time (ET) and ends May 20, 2018 at 11:55 PM ET – so please submit your train car name(s) prior to the end of the contest close date and time to qualify. You can submit as many separate entries as you wish, but each contest participant can only win once. Here are some details to keep in mind when choosing a name:

  • Names must be short (maximum of 16 characters, spaces included)
  • Names should have a Canadian or Ottawa-related significance (priority will be given to those with an Ottawa significance)
  • Names must fit into one or more of the following three categories: people, culture or history
  • Names must be bilingual or easily translatable (English & French)
  • Names should be friendly (negative names will be disqualified), have a pleasant sound and be easy to remember
  • Names that reflect the diversity of our community will be given priority

Enter the contest by clicking here

Please note that:

  • All submissions including winning names become the sole property of the O-Train Car Names Community Collective and the Collective has the right to use it/them without remuneration or liability.
  • Name submissions will be reviewed based on the parameters listed above throughout 2018 by a panel made up of City of Ottawa elected officials and community members (see list below).
  • The winning train car names will be posted on the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity’s website.
  • Winners will be invited to a media event with the Collective in 2018 that will announce the winners and winning names to the public.
  • Names may be placed on all trains in 2018; however, exact details and dates are still to be confirmed.

If you have any questions or require assistance with your submission, please contac tthe Chair of O-Train Car Names: The Next 15, Rachel Decoste:

Please find attached a The Next15 Poster here. You’re invited to print if off and use it as a promotional tool at locations of your choosing.



Please note: The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity is proud to host this contest on our website platform. As the CCGSD’s is hosting the platform, our staff and volunteers will not play any other role in the contest or winning names. For more information please connect the Chair of O-Train Car Names: The Next 15, Rachel Decoste:

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