October Events at CCGSD!

My name is Hana O’Connor and I am the new Forum Coordinator here at CCGSD. I am very excited to have taken on this role, and my main duty here will be overseeing the organisation and facilitation of events within Ontario.  Coming from Ireland, I have a strong background in LGBTQ+ activism, and received an M.A. in Sexuality Studies in 2014. I am very honoured to have joined CCGSD and am incredibly enthusiastic about all of our forthcoming events!


I am lucky to have been involved in two events which took place in October. On October 2nd, 2018, we partnered with the office of Randy Boissonault MP to host our annual Rainbow Day on the Hill event. Some Ottawa area LGBTQ+ youth were invited to Parliament Hill for the day to shadow an LGBTQ+ identified parliamentarian. Each Member of Parliament was paired with two youths who then participated in all aspects of the parliamentarian’s day, starting with breakfast in the morning and culminating in question period at the end of the day. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to have a glimpse into the daily life of the MP’s, and to see how question period takes place.


On Thursday Oct 11th CCGSD hosted Art Day in partnership with Naomi Tessler from Branch Out Theatre. Students from Ottawa engaged in various fun theatre exercises, as well as coming together to co-create a community mural. The students also took part in an interactive theatre piece, where they learned how to use their voices to stand up and speak out against homophobic and transphobic bullying. It was a wonderful day which combined theatre, learning, and fun!


I am very much looking forward to all of our upcoming forums taking place in the rest of 2018 and into the New Year!