NEWS: Rainbow Day on the Hill allots unique experience for LGBQ teens

An article by new Media Team

Rainbow Day on the Hill allots unique experience for LGBQ teens
By Anna Desmarais ( Team) 

The second annual Rainbow Day on the Hill event on April 16th, hosted by Jer’s Vision and MP Dany Morin, allows 12 LGBQ youth to are paired with 6 LGBQ role models in parliament and get an inside look to life on the Hill.  

Inspired by Women in House, Mr. Morin, the associated LGBT critic for the NDP decided to create a similar program for LGBT youth. “It’s important for LGBTQ youth, and all kids in general, to have positive role models and this is an excellent opportutinty.”

For an indecisive student in high school or university, the day is also important to possibly understanding the logistics behind a career in politics. According to first time participant Zac Johnstone, it is crucial to participate in Rainbow Day on the Hill “because it is an amazing opportunity to see how parliament works through the perspective of a queer MP.”

The goals for the day offer a similar motive – the development of the future leaders of Canada. Through the Women in House program, Mr. Morin notes that: “several of the inspired women from that day became MPs in Parliament.” Through the encouragement of LGBT youth on the hill, members of parliament and ambitious youth alike would love to see those results occur from this event.

Alongside the goals of the day, participant Zoe Easton has increasingly high hopes. “For LGBT youth interested in a political career, Rainbow Day on the Hill day is the best place to establish their political goals after meeting their queer national role models.”