NEWS: Summer Bash in 24 Hours Paper

Check ou this article in 24 about the Summer Bash Concert

Youth Taking Charge
by Adrienne Ascah
From 24 Hours Newspaper 

The youth members of are taking charge Canada’s Youth Diversity Initiative is a local registered charity ofference anti-bullying and anti-discrimination workshops and conferences in schools, workplace and community organizaiton across the country. Founder and executive director Jeremy Dias, no longer conders himself a youth and it’s important for him for Jer’s Vision not only to engage with you but for youth, to play a key role in the organization.

Youth people volunteer, do co-op placements and can become community educators at Jer’s Vision. Now they also have their own advisory committee.

Youth Advisory Committee members Hannah Collins and Zoe Easton have put together Jer’s Vision first fully youth-oranized fundraiser. 

The Summer Bands Bash, features performances by seven bands. All the bands’ members are under age 25.

“There’s really a wide variety of music.” Easton said. “The Young Offenders is kind of calssic punk meets the Smashing Pumpkins, whereas the Tall Trees is a little bit more Death Cab for Cutie meets the Black Keys. There’s also Suzy Pankhurts… (who) kind of sound like Norah Jones and Regina Spektor. Then we’ve got Markelius who’s kind of electrongic.”

Organizing the fundraiser was so much work it was overwhleming at times, but Easton said she and Collins found it a rewarding experience.

“The two of us are learning about stuff that we want to do outside of high school,” Easton said. “That’s something that’s unique about Jer’s Vision–it gives kids a chance to be really imporant members of the organization.”

As YAC’s co-ordinator Easton, 17, hopes Summer Bands Bash is fun, raises money for Jer’s Vision and inspires more youth to join. 

“We’re workin on creating our own space in the activist community,” she said. “Hopefully YAC will be somthing to watch in the next year.”

Advanced tickets are $10 by emailing or $12 at the door.

Adrienne Ascah is a columnist for 24 hours. Her column appears Tuesday & Wednesday. Email:; Twitter: @adrienneascah