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by Sanita Fejzic

Summer Bands Bash is a kick-off to a series of monthly parties meant to celebrate queer youth. Young folk: the time has come to come out for a good time and awesome local sound. Thurs July 5 @ SAW

Celebrate your high school graduation or kick off the summer this Thursday, July 5th at Club SAW with seven bands including the talented The Young Offenders. Summer Bands Bash is a kickoff to a series of monthly parties meant to celebrate queer youth. Young folk: the time has come to stop sniffing glue in class and come out for a good time and awesome local sound.

Jer’s Vision subsidises a lot of what we do because we like to reach out to as many people as possible,” says Zoe Easten, Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) leader atJer’s Vision. “We don’t really believe in withholding a services because, as a non-profit organization, we’re not really about profit. We’re about helping people, that’s why we’ve decided everyone should be able to go to this—up to capacity.”

We’re fundraising for Jer’s Vision,” she explains. “Originally this was meant to help us fund a Pride event but we’ve decided that we’re just going to help out Capital Pride, though we’re not going to have our own [YAC] event.” The money raised will go towards YAC’s budget for the upcoming months.

The YAC’s main focus is promoting Jer’s Vision and showcasing what the organization does for youth under the age of 21,” adds Hannah Collins, member of the YAC. “That’s the demographic we’re trying to reach out to for this show. All the bands are high school bands or in their early twenties.”

The other goal of the YAC is to get youth into activist niches within Ottawa,” adds Easten. “We’re going to be focusing on one event per month which has a cause behind it.” In October, for example, the party will focus on The Day of Purple. Expect a series of workshops on mental health which will be focused on queer youth.

Helping to reach out to kids as kids,” she says. “Because it can be really intimidating for someone who’s suffering from mental health to talk to a total stranger who doesn’t really relate to where they’re coming from.” In short, the YAC wants to motivate youth to be active in their communities.

This first event is meant to get youth together and introduce them to each other. The poster reads, “This is a map of your sexuality. As you can see it is very complicated. You should come to our concert and explore it.” Neither Collins nor Eaten could explain the symbolic behind the design, created by a proud and out bisexual young man who is also a member of the YAC.

It kind of looks like a computer chip,” says Eaten, deep in thought. “The way I look at it, it’s also a city from above.” It certainly evokes a sense of connection—possibly evoking the diversity and fluidity of sexuality.

The Summer Bands Bash

CLUB SAW (above Gallery SAW)

Thursday, July 5, 6:30pm – 12am

67 Nicholas Street

Tickets are $10 at the door or email youth@jersvision.orgfor sliding scale tickets