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The power of the Parliament Hill breakfast

Last Tuesday was the inaugural Rainbow Day on the Hill. LGBT high school students ages 17 and 18 from the Ottawa area were paired up with gay MPs. The event, organized by NDP MP Dany Morin, was inspired by a day where young women are paired with female MPs. Hannah Collins shadowed NDP deputy leaderLibby Davies, joining her on the health committee and a meeting to discuss community policing. Miles Gariepy was paired with Liberal Scott Brison. He was surprised how many pictures the MP had of American politicians. “Why George Bush?” he asked. Ben Marmer was paired with NDP MP Craig Scott, who recently won Jack Layton’s riding. Marmer says he wasn’t expecting MPs to be so friendly. He joined Scott at a committee meeting where they discussed the legality of mask-wearing protesters. But what stuck with Marmer most was the breakfast meeting he attended, with its muffins and danishes: “It looked very pretty. For me, I usually have a bowl of cold cereal. The breakfast was really impressive.”