NEWS: Day of Pink: no room for injustice

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Day of Pink: no room for injustice
by Bryan Meadows

Pink was the colour of choice Wednesday at Lakehead Public Schools.
The annual Day of Pink, a nationally recognized event to confront stereotypes, support diversity in schools and to foster safe and inclusive environments, was celebrated by students in numerous schools, including Claude E. Garton Public School.
That school’s social justice club has been actively preparing fellow students for the Day of Pink. Club members provided material for school bulletin boards and announcements, encouraging students to wear pink on the special day.
The club members also provided pink fabric on Wednesday to make Day of Pink bandanas for those who didn’t have any pink clothing to wear.
Club members Jacqueline Dube and Madison Wigwas said it’s important to celebrate diversity.
“The Day of Pink and the story (on how it all started) was very moving and I wanted to help with and spread the word,” Wigwas said in an interview Wednesday.
The Day of Pink originated in Nova Scotia, where a boy wore a pink shirt to school on his first day of Grade 9 and was harassed because of it.
Several students in his school decided to stand up for him by asking other students to wear pink the next day. The show of solidarity stopped the bullying and helped the boy feel safe at school.
Dube noted that the day-long event allows students to “kind of accept diversity in others and have others do the same.”
The two Grade 8 students said they felt that the Day of Pink will help prevent bullying in their school.
“I think it will, because with people wearing pink today, they might wear pink on another day to help (raise awareness of) diversity,” Wigwas said.
“Pink is just a colour and it doesn’t matter what you wear,” Dube added.
“I am extremely proud of our social justice club and all of our students as they recognize the annual Day of Pink,” said school principal Todd Miller.
“There is no room for injustice at Lakehead Public Schools, and events like this clearly demonstrate how our students feel about bullying and discrimination,” Miller added.