NEWS: Day of Pink, are you in the contest?

Check out this great article in Metro London about the MyEvolution Day of Pink Contest!

T-Shirt Business Encourages Students to Get Creative to End Bullying 
By John Matisz (in Metron London, ON)

As a teen, Bobbie Jo Reid was bullied.

She was abused, physically and verbally, humiliated simply because she was an “easy target” as the new kid after moving from Toronto to St. Catharines.

Three decades later, Reid’s past encounters with bullying aren’t what fuels a cross-country campaign she is spearheading.

Instead, it’s the confidence she has harvested since.

“It affected my self-esteem,” said Reid, who now resides in London, Ontario. “It affected my identity. It took me a long time to come around and like the person that I am.”

In June, she founded a T-shirt-making business called My Evolution. It focuses on printing self-acceptance and globally tolerant messages on its products.

Two weeks ago, My Evolution teamed up with Jer’s Vision — an organization with the mandate of eliminating bullying, homophobia, and transphobia — to launch a T-shirt design competition in support of International Day Against Bullying (also known as Day of Pink) on April 10, 2013.

The contest, which has a flexible entry deadline of Nov. 2, asks middle and high school students to submit an appropriate slogan to be used on the shirts. The winning phrase will be pressed on pink shirts to be distributed within participating schools across Canada.

“With Amanda Todd’s suicide, I see the kids pouring out their hearts,” Reid said. “They’re very creative about it, and I know there’s kids out there that are passionate about this.”

Todd’s heartbreaking story has been shared around the world ever since the 15-year-old committed suicide last Wednesday. A self-made YouTube video that chronicles the B.C. native’s struggles with depression and anxiety in the wake of bullying has gone viral.

As a result, the video has ignited a public conversation about the harsh realities of bullying.

And although the Day of Pink T-shirt campaign was in the works before Todd’s passing, the founder of My Evolution hopes they can continue to educated people about anti-bullying messages.

“We are all different, if we allow ourselves to be who we are. That’s the message I’m trying to send,” Reid said. “Even if you’re kind of quirky, different, weird — totally embrace it.”

How to participate in Day of Pink T-shirt design contest:

Proceeds raised through the contest will be directed to Jer’s Vision, as well as the winner’s school.