NDP's response to Jer's Vision's Election Survey

Please see The New Democratic Party's response to the survey Jer's Vision distributed to all the parties for the May 2nd Election below.

For more information go to NDP.ca. For more information on how to vote go to Elections.Ca


Question 1. What are the main goals for you for this election?
The New Democrat plan is focused on job creation, affordable post secondary education, improving our health care system, investing in the digital economy and making your life more affordable.

Question 2. What do you feel you and your party have brought to the youth in the community?
New Democrats have consistently advocated on issues that affect Canada’s youth whether it be for more affordable post secondary education, anti-bullying prevention, higher minimum wage, women’s equality, action on climate change, the need for a national transit strategy or equality rights, the NDP listens and takes actions.

Question 3. What do you feel you have done for LGBT community?
The NDP is by far the federal political party with the longest, strongest, and most proactive commitment to the liberation and equality of LGBTT people, ever since Tommy Douglas spoke out for the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1967. Our leader Jack Layton has been a strong ally for the LGBTT community for over 30 years.

The first openly gay MP in Canada was a New Democrat, Svend Robinson, who came out in 1988, as was the first female MP to come out, Libby Davies, and the first openly gay man elected to a first term, Bill Siksay. The NDP is the only party to name an official Critic for LGBTT Human Rights in Parliament, a practice which will continue in the next Parliament.

The NDP fought long and hard for equal marriage ever since Svend Robinson tabled the first same-sex marriage bill in 1998. The NDP was the only party to require its MPs to support equal marriage in 2005. Starting in 1983, the NDP fought to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation – a fight it won in 1996. Since 2005, it has fought to outlaw discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression as well. 

Finally, the NDP has LGBTT equity committees at both the federal and provincial levels, with representation in its executive committees, the right to submit resolutions to its decision-making bodies, and a mandate to ensure the party meets its commitment to equity for the LGBTT community in its practices and its policies. We are extremely proud of our commitment to stand up for LGBTT human rights and social justice. 

Question 4. In this election, what do you feel your party offers youth especially when it comes to anti-bullying in Canada?
Bullying is a serious problem in Canada that must be addressed. Nobody should live in fear for being an individual, different or standing out. New Democrats will work in collaboration with stakeholders and the Provinces and Territories to prevent bullying in Canada.

Here is Jack Layton’s recent statement in the House of Commons on Anti-Bullying Day

Question 5. Why is it important for youth to come out and vote for you; what should youth who cannot vote do?
Youth need to make their voices heard though voting. We must do all that we can to bolster our democracy and to ensure that all votes count. New Democrats welcomes youth to become involved in local riding associations and campaigns. For contact information please look up your local riding. Youth can also get involved in the Young NDP Association.