National Resource Database for Gender & Sexual Diversity Services

In an effort to imporve our ability to refer individuals to we have set up the National Resource Database Committee for Gender & Sexual Diversity Services.

Our team of eight students from the University of Ottawa Medical School are volunteering as part of the Community Based Learning portion of their medical studies. They have teamed up with Jer’s Vision in order to assist us in the construction of a national database for LGBTQ resources, organizations and services available for individuals in Canada and different regions. This database will be used as a tool to refer individual and community requests to appropriate local community organizations or services. Thus, it will become easier to find individuals the proper source of support in their area, as well as ensure they receive the help they need. 

We know that your organization is hard at work to provide an integral service to your community and as such, we would like to include your organization in our national resource database. To do so, we would appreciate you taking the time to fill out the following short questionnaire within the next two weeks (by February 9th, 2015). 

To access the form, please click the following link:

In addition, to ensure that our database is as comprehensive as possible it would be of great help if you could share this online survey with all Gender & Sexual Diversity (LGBTQ) Service Providers in your area and surrounding regions. 


As our way of saying thank you, once this database is completed we would be more than happy to share it with you for your own use. Please note that all information gathered is strictly confidential and will not be released to the general public.

We are very excited to create this comprehensive database and to be able to share what great services your organization offers Should you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact us at


Thank you for your time,

National Resource Database Committee for Gender & Sexual Diversity Services