Natasha Longpré Nadeau

IMG_4325Natasha Longpré Nadeau (she/her/ elle) is the Office Manager/ Directrice de bureau for the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity/ Centre canadien de la diversite des genres et de la sexualite. She is from Timmins ( in the Great White North, hometown of the one-and only Shania Twain), but grew up and currently resides in Ottawa. She is of Metis descent, and proudly supports the Indigenous community.


Bullying, discrimination, and hate crimes are present in high schools, and that is an issue that has always captured Natasha’s attention. She was drawn to the idea and concept that the CCGSD had to offer, and wanted to be part of the working with youth, and being part of the solution.


Natasha is also a full time mother to a beautiful girl, who she is raising to be open minded and accepting of people’s identity and orientation. Natasha spends her time out of the office taking care of and raising her daughter to become the best and as educated as she can be. Whether it be doing activities with her such as biking, going to the park, or having a picnic in Gatineau Hills, to reading a book and raising her daughter to be polite and accepting of others. Natasha is on the clock all day long, from the office to the house. She is always supporting and educating others on the importance of equality and to never discriminate people for whom they are.